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More Values for Your Promotion

Not only E-Voucher, but we provide value add services. Lots of solutions can be availavle becuase it's E-Voucher, digital service

01"eGift Catalogue" for your customer's favourite

Recipient / end-user can choose a favorite E-Voucher in the Catalogue and it brings higer customer satisfaction without inventory management.

g4b catalogue

02"giftee Delivery Dashboard" to support the distribution

giftee will provide Delivery Dashboard to deliver E-Vouchers to consumer via SMS / email. It's user friendly to use and no need to disclose the privacy data.

g4b catalogue

03"giftee API" for real-time E-Voucher generation

giftee API allows corporate's systems to generate more than 50 E-Vouchers real-time by system integration. It's highly recommended for long-term promotion.

g4b catalogue